Tutorial - How to fix a big miniature up to a gaming base

by Roman aka jar

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As this question has been asked over here, it will be answered :)

Sure it is no easy task to bring up a big miniature up to its standard gaming base. Unfortanetly i am having a comission piece that really is big and heavy made from white metal alloy - the Greater Demon of Tzeentch by Games Workshop in 28 mm.

The comissioner wants him to stand on a temple base from Micro Art Studio which is made out of resin. So far so good. This guy is really heavy when assembled. Now it is up to me to bring him up to this resin base and make sure he won't fall off while he runs wild on the gaming table.

For this i did use a drill first and put a hole in the left leg, which stands on the floor ( i did not yet fill all the gaps at the model, so please hold your breath about telling me, haha). Try to drill really deep and take care to get a place where you can do so. If you chose the wrong place your drill comes out at the other side and puts a hole in your models leg - you only will do this once in your lifetime, believe me...

I did get back to the base and also drilled a deep hole in the base where i want that leg to be placed, same seize for sure. Make sure to keep that model in balance if it is as big as this guy here - make some testing before drilling and glueing:

Now get a pin, i often use a needle pin for this action also you can use the metal from a paper clip to it. Bring it in length with using a gripper and make sure the model's feet stand plain on the base. Glue the pin at one piece first, for example the leg and then glue it into the base with superglue.

So far for the first step. Everything should be fine if the model is half seize and weight as this guy here. With this great daemon the comissioner really would get problems someday when playing and moving it around. So i did get back to the base and leg area and really put a big drop of super glue around the foot. Now i did distribute fine sand on this place and let it dry to get more foothold of this alliance. In this case it doesn't matter if there is a bit of sand around as the base also got some in its resin cast. This alliance really can hold a lot weight, for sure i can not promise you that it still works when your best friend drops your model from the gaming table and it'll fell, but i wanted to show you how McGyver Kong goes at this task:

I hope this helps the one or the other! 

Keep on happy painting!


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