Treasure Hunt

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Welcome treasure hunter!!

Treasure hunting, lalalalalalala... you found it, the treasure awaits you, i can hear your footsteps moving in these dusty areas of this corner of the jungle. This box of a Viridian Sniper squad by Urban Mammoth is yours to win. It is time for you to get a guide on how you can win. Everyone, excluded myself is allowed to take part in this quest.

1. Go to CMON and check jarhead's gallery.

2. Find 3 different Miniatures that show Snipers  
(those models i mean don't have the word Sniper in their describtion, but are at a calm shooting postition with a rifle in hand. They are not standing on a gaming base.)

3. Be the first to write a comment at this posting here and name the exact titles of these 3 models as shown on CMON. Don't name a model twice even there several photos of it.

4. On Monday night, February 7th 2011 - I will sort the comments on this posting and the first who mentioned everything right, will be announced here in this posting via comment by me and has to sent me his email for further shipping detail exchange.

Good luck treasure hunters!!

PS: Even you think someone else has already mentioned the right answer it is a good idea to post yours - there will be one small special price randomly given away to all who take part.


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