Introducing... Zen and the art of chilling

by Roman aka jar

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... zen and the art of chilling

As time rolls by i am always trying to read on other peoples blogs, which i choose for myself, because of finding mountains of inspiration at these places - i just had the idea it might be cool for someone intrested why those simply personal favorites of mine are in the blog list on the right navigation bar.

The blog over there is run by Palak and i want to mention her blog, because for me it is just stunning. I've mananged to read her complete blog after i really got drown in her words. Often when something massive hits me i really lose my soul in it... keep an eyeout for her lyrics as i think there is so much truth in it.

Today i want to share something in here with you by quoting her - my feeling i get from reading it is just massive and i think everyone could read out something for himself... it is my honour quoting you ;)

"The world stopped making sense long back
And incoherence is a brother who'd called out in plenty
The dew drops coccooned in the petals so red said,
'There isn't much to know...
all that there was/is had been told long ago,
there isn't much to see...
but much there is to experience,
much there is to be...'"

You may find more at zen and the art of chilling.

Palak, your blog is for sure another reason why i'll write every "Keep on happy painting!" i am spamming all over in the internet with reason... thanks!

Keep on happy painting!


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