Bust Before Breakfast

by Mati

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Inspired by my buddy crownbears blog-project "a bust a day" and Raffa telling me to work more I thought of starting a little project myself. As I am up pretty early everyday I thought I'd make a bust before breakfast everyday and try to keep it under an hour in crownbears tradition. It's been three days now and I must say I enjoy it a lot.

On the first day I did "scared steve", no concept at all so don't ask...

On the second day I did "the avatardude", made it as I remembered from the movie, didn't bother 'bout references here.

On the third day I did "polopimp", no concept and quite rough, I'll try to take better pics.

All were made in about an hour +/- 15 minutes. Materials of choice: wire, green stuff, super sculpey firm, tools, bananas.

Thanks for taking a look, may the bananas be with you !


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