Eldar Ranger, up to ebay ...

by Robert aka muhani

posted by Robert, muhani, chimp

Wooha! Time to empty my cabinet.
I got this mini from Roman about half a year ago - and had fun painting it. Its a 54mm figure from the Inquisitor-range of Games Workshop - and as far as I know, big Kong gave me something special, as I believe this version isn't available any more.
Well, I'm not very experienced in this 40k stuff, as I neither played the game, nor have I ever read any books about this universe - but I had the dark atmosphere of Fall Out or 'I am Legend' in mind. A city destroyed by atomic weapons, dimmed light, loneliness, persistency - something like that. ;-)
I made the wall out of a baked slice of fimo and finished it with the Dremel and more fimo. Then some milliput and plastic putty for the plaster.
The window is a cheap trinket, an earring or something like that. It was an ape who whispered this idea into my ear. I broke it to make it look like it was burst by an explosion. The wall itself is fixed on the base with some pins of steel-wire.
The concrete, the Eldar is standing on, is a broken wall tile. I also used bricks out of gypsum for the groundwork.
The positioning of the arms and the rifle was extremely difficult. A lot of putty was needed to fill the gaps between shoulders and the arms.
The mini is fixed to the base with a steel wire - 1,5mm diameter. A smaller one would have done it also, but .... I didn't have one by the hand. Drilled his shoe, killed his shoe, resculped his shoe - now it should be earthquake-resistant.
The rest was pure joy of painting.
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Found an image of the unpainted base.

Happy bidding!


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