Salamander Space Marine finished...

by Roman aka jar

posted by Roman, jarhead, Kong

I am getting better from the horrible virus i chatched myself at the neighbour twins birthday party. Evil children' viruses... wow, never thought something could bring the Kong down. Jumping and running through the jungle and waving palm trees is something else really - this really struck me down... planning to avoid 1st Birthdays from now on :)

Heppa, i am such a fool. I promised to myself not to show finished miniatures until Denise from Pegaso is finished. I am having a nice time at her but she not often calls me, even i put myself under pressure to finish her up. Nope, pressure is not good... that's why i'll cut off my promises and kiss the muse again by bringing some miniatures from my workbench to this place her - what means they are finished :)

I did paint up a another Salamander Space Marine for the use at the gaming table. Nothing special, but something finished you know:

Salamander Space Marine, Games Workshop, 28 mm

He is also up to CMON!
He will soon go up to ebay, if you are intrested in it before it goes to electronical bidding drop me a line here!

Hope you like him!
Keep on happy painting!


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