"Carlos, the painting slave" finished...

by Roman aka jar

posted by Roman, jarhead, Kong


not really much to say as i am not really allowed to be at the computer at all on the weekend, haha. I recently finished my version of Carlos - i know i could have spent some more hours in but in fact i don't have the time for such private painting sessions as i want to finish off a lot of comissions and old WIPs lately.

My version of Carlos shows him being the painting slave i sometimes am and love to be. A lot of last felt thoughts brought into this fella but not much attention to details, haha... ok, much bla bla... take a look for yourself...

Carlos, Artefactory, 32 mm

That is how he looks in the cabinet, shot done with lightning from the camera (click to enlarge):

You may find an article on how i did build up that base in the article section - i am out, silently creeping away from the computer...

He is also up to CMON, if you want to check him out there, here is the link!

Keep on happy painting!


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