Kong's WIP Thoughts Feb02

by Roman aka jar

posted by Roman, jarhead, Kong


This time i just want to do a little blablubb about my actual WIPs.

Most of the time painting these days flows into Denise from Pegaso. She soon should be finished. Besides her i am finishing off some minor projects for the gaming table, mostly comission work and prepare bigger projects.. Denise is my freedom, she brings joy to my brush... :)

Uhm... yeah! After mati's sculpting class i had the feeling to sculpt again. I really had the muse to do so i did. First there is "Wali", a fun sculpt with only help of my hands and a cigarette on the Workshop's Saturday night... i know stupid, but i like him. It was such fun having a pure fun sculpting session without a plan - that's my way, haha:

Yeppa - "Wali"... i have done some additional things for customizing him to unicorn wali and punk wali but i think it might be better not to show you :) - he is still WIP, but if i am true i have no idea what i will do to him - and he is about 6 cm high... what a night, haha - thanks to everyone involved.

After my learning Zombie - i did start in the end of last year while i was in Berlin at mati's - was standing around long time, mati motivated me without knowing to make some steps further. So i did. Please notice that this is still WIP, 28 mm scale with still a lot of dirty areas. Mati i want to thank you for your guide and advice again - it is always a pleasure to have such a teacher.

Still a lot to do and clean up... but i am happy that i managed to bring him a bit further... sorry for the bad photos. I am in a hurry somehow :)

So far from my workbench :)

Keep on happy doing!


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