Space Hulk Genestealers finished...

by Roman aka jar

posted by Roman, jarhead, Kong


i had the urge to paint a tiny unit of miniatures. Just had fun on those, they are for sure nothing special as they have been painted in line and for the use of gaming. All 5 Genestealers are out of the box from Space Hulk. Really love its quality and simple use the sprues have... i guess they will soon be up to ebay.

I have tried to paint them alienstyle from the chosen colours, please beware that these guys are not painted in the ultimate quality, but ... and that is important

Genestealers, Space Hulk, Games Workshop, 28 mm

I did another shot of them, with lightning from the camera in my cabinet as they are stalking around the other miniatures, haha (click to enlarge):

They are also up to CMON - here is the link if you want to follow it. Hope you like them.

Keep on happy painting!


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