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by Roman aka jar

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Dear readers of this hidden jungle blog,

you might have seen that the little Chapuchin really made some changes to the  look and the navigation of MASSIVE VOODOO.

He did this with a lot of effort after we had a talk the last days, sitting on a big banana tree and enjoying the far view of the horizon to the future days - i personally think that now the menues are really improved for your navigation. At least i hope so - let us know what you think in form of dropping a line or please tell us if there is still something you don't like at all or have problems with finding your way through the jungle. I guess now there are enough bamboo signs around to bring you to the place you are searching for.What i like the most from these changes is the fact that you know can see the blog archiv way more easier than before and you don't have to scroll a hundred meters downwards to reach the recommanded blog list - by the way - have a look at them, for me those are all pearls found in the ocean of the www - i am reading there regularly.

Uhh aahhhh Uuuhhh ahhh uh uhhmm! Raffa BIG thanks to you for putting in so much work in the blog to make it easier to navigate. Really like what you did and i am very thankful, even i must have stressed you the whole day while calling you in panic and writing tons of emails to you mostly because i am such an idiot in so many things - i still have no idea what you mean by the point voodoo wear, for example :)

Thanks for your patience with me my dear friend, even i was rumbling the jungle, breaking banana trees, shaking the earth while punching my chest with forious fists in pure anxiety, i am getting old, grey fur is growing and chances are not that easy for me to get used to... you did an awesome job, little Chapuchin and Kong only did make trouble in the jungle to find the biggest bananas for you in the end. I am really thankful! I will build up a big palm tree bed for you where the little ape friend can rest and regain powers - Kong will be watching over your sleep so that no silent jungle predator could harm you - rest my little friend, regain energy and take a deep breath of jungle spirit into your little chapuchin soul.

Jungle spirit... yeah i will talk about that now...

After i am feeling something crawling inside my chest i just have to tell you what i was thinking lately while taking a look at the MASSIVE VOODOO blog: i guess for you, the readers or people intrested in the things we share here it must seem that the last time did spamm a hihgly number of ebay auctions in postings and i really don't like that, in fact the focus of this blog and our hearts is something else - the joy of painting and holding miniatures in our hands itself and sharing our thoughts on them with you.

As most of my ape friends working with me at this task you sure might have seen that some of them seemed to be lost somewhere in the shadows of this primeval forest. It ain't that way at all. They are not eaten by a jungle monster neither are they trapped and caught by some nasty animal hunters - they just have a normal life to live, like everyone else does and this blog for sure shall stay a living room/haven for us all.

When there is the time to post, there will be postings, when there is not, there won't be much action going on in here. You, my dearest readers might have recognised this in the past. It's like it is, every ape is out in the jungle to catch some bananas to becalm their hunger, maybe some  play the bamboo boogie at a massive tropical party, even some are maybe hunting some fine ape ladys, who knows... you just don't know what's life is all about while time goes by in the wilderness of life. In the end this place shall be a place of freedom, a place to rest, to calm down from running through the jungle... it is mostly me, the Kong spamming around all day. As i am home after all these very cool painting workshops i am coming to rest... after my 'normal' life consists of painting miniatures all the time it ain't that difficult for me to drop a post in here.


This blog for sure is a place of freedom to me too, after a normal "Miniature Painter's" day of work filled with emails, colours, running to the post office, dirt, bananas and coconuts. As i am trying to make a living from painting miniatures and spread the word about the beauty of colours this place sometimes may look like a place of work during the ordinary days, but it ain't. It is just the way it is...  sometimes more ebay stuff will occoure and sometimes there will be less... just the way the jungle rules everyones life... please don't get angry about this my dearest jungle tourists. I just wanted to drop a line of saying thank you for reading in here - without you this jungle would be really empty at all. For sure i want to say thanks to everyone supporting us in here by bidding on our miniatures on ebay or supporting us making a jungle donation. Your help is what keeps this running. Thank you!

In this place of the posting i want to remind you about the latest auctions running to an end tomorrow - you may find them here! Uh ahhhhh! Damm!

Another palm tree i did hit my head while running through the deepest jungles  shall be mentioned now. It makes the Kong's heart heavy and really wants him go out to search for a big banana tree where he can hide beneath. "What's he talking about?" ...those of you might think who really read this far? The fact that i lately hear a lot of talking about myself from different corners. Talking that doesn't make me happy. I hear that some think "Ahh, Roman has no time for me anymore while climbing the social ladder of miniature painting and making a career!" ... nargh, stupid stuff like that. You are totally wrong in this fact and it hurts myself to hear such things from people whom i thought they should know me better. Ok, these days i seem very busy and i truely am - you can believe this fact - i am not able to answer everybodys questions, sometimes no time for a simple chat, but always trying to keep everything done in the end - busy, yepp i am.

I am sorry for this fact, but those things don't happen for climbing a ladder to galaxy far success or something some of you might think. This happens because this is my work i am paying my bananas from. That's all. I am not often seen in the forums very much the last time. That happens because i have my work focused here - an easier way for me to handle my work and hobby at one plaza in the jungle of the worldwideweb before getting mad on my beloved passion and hobby. Passion, hobby and work - 3 things in one - just like Kinder choclate eggs - because in my case they all go hand in hand with my work of making a living from it. It is not a sort of an evil greater plan to build a jungle death star to kill other planets, please make sure to understand this explanation. Whatever, in the end you have to take some steps to get to your own point of view of this, but if you think evil of me then i can't help you in the end, sorry... that would be very sad :(

After regaining brain energy while being busy all the time it seems i really found a clear moment of truth right now so i just write on - letting my mind choke out everything which is heavy in there. Coming to another point that really makes me sad is meeting some friends on a painting class, like i did for example in Munich some days ago. No, no, not meeting them made me sad, meeting them was great - thanks for your time you took for meeting again, but what makes me sad and sick is this talk about "HEyho, i just wanted to see the master of painting in action!" or something stupid like that, haha.

I'll tell you what i think of mastery. I will never want to reach the point of mastery in everything i do in my whole upcoming life. So called "mastery" means something is finished and in my eyes life and learning is finished when i finally got burried under the biggest banana tree deep in the wilderness of the jungle. So please stop this talking in front of me, try to do this behind my back if you think it is inescabable. I am just a guy like everyone else who is having fun in his love of the hobby - the biggest difference to most of enjoying this might be the fact that i am trying to make a living from it. That's it all about, that is why i am painting a lot and get to the experience i got at the moment, i hope this is just the beginning of experience points i have gained so far. Collecting experience never ends and so there shall be no reason of mastery in my case . I know this all sounds very childish and stupid but those who know me should recognize that my brain spits out everything without thinking - everything that keeps it running so that i can paint without thinking in the end, haha... really i am nothing more than a normal guy who is ture to his self - just for example: i did forget a pair of socks at the stay in Hamburg lately, but to show you how my brain works i let you know that this pair did contain two different socks ... no joke, that's me :)

Now i am eating a banana, icecold out of the refrigerator, drink a cup of jungle coffee and spent some more moments licking on my painting brush :)- thanks to everyone who did  read this far... take the next lines with you too after you really read this far...

Keep on happy painting all around the globe!
Best Regards


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