Tutorial - Selfmade Pillar

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posted by Vhaidra, Yvonne

A couple of weeks ago I tried to sculpt pillars but it wasn`t quite successful. I used Fimo and the sculpey was soft all the time and I really had problems to get them regular. Then my Monkey Brother Mati helped me out :-) Thank you at this opportunity. He told me to use Milliput for the middle part of the pillar because it is possible to cut and sanding the Milliput after it is dried. I did and got at least one pillar finished in one hour or so. It is not perfect, to be honest it is wry,lol. But it is okay for a very quick job and it is good enough for the moment. I will try to sculpt the perfect pillar when I will cast them but for the moment a half perfect pillar is good enough. The problem is: To sculpt perfect pillars take a lot of time and time is something I don`t have got at the moment. But if you like you can try to make it better than me. Here is the best way of sculpting pillars I could find for the moment. If someone have got some helpful ideas in addition I would be glad if you would tell it here.

Here it is: First I put some Milliput around a wire and rolled it to this sausage shape (took only a few minutes) and let them dry over night.

Then I cut the tip of the pillar for to create a kind of a ruin pillar.

Then I sanded it to an almost regulary shape:

I sculpted with Super Sculpey the foot and baked it in the oven:

Then I added the two rings also with Super Sculpey and baked it again:

Oh well I know that can`t be call perfect but if you have got only few time and you need some pillars quickly it is a cheap and fast solution. You can put some plants over it for to hide the imperfections,lol. Or you spend a couple of hours in addition then you maybe get the perfect pillar :-)
Happy Sculpting :-)

Greetings Yvonne


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