Vulkan Hestan finished...

by Roman aka jar

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at the moment i am painting, painting, painting... and guess what: painting. There are some things i will do at the blog the next days, like bringing up all missing Tutorial and Workshop Review banners, etc. ... keep an eye out!

Vulkan Hestan, this one is a long time Work in Progress on which i didn't paint a long time - i finally finished him for a tabletop friend from my hometown as a gift, because he helped me out some time ago. The Conversion work was his, i just did the painting for the gaming table. The Salamander's emblem will be added by him, after he needs him tomorrow for a tournament and picks him up in a second. I just didn't make it in time.

Nothing special, i know, but i am looking forward to swing my brush to more special things - but i just don't know where to catch the time at the moment so i am painting, painting, ... you know!

Vulkan Hestan, Conversion from GW parts, 28 mm

I also managed to make a better photo of the comissioned Greater Demon of Tzeentch, both are up to CMON if you want to vote:

Vulkan Hestan

Greater Demon of Tzeentch

Keep on happy painting!


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