Tutorial - Painting 5 miniatures all at once

by Roman aka jar

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Bumm, Bumm, Bumm makes the jungle drum... here goes another article showing how i paint several miniatures in a row.

I guess this is nothing new for the most of you. Everyone who plays Tabletop knows what it feels like to paint a big amount of miniatures up for gaming. Much respect from my side to those who did so - i am always very impressed by a complete gaming force, painted completly up. That rocks!

Ok, i am not painting up more than one miniature in the same colours. I stopped trying to paint a gaming force for several goes now and i always failed, because of the lack of motivation. Sometimes, really rare, i have fun painting more than 1 miniature at once.

I really have no good hands while holding the miniatures at their gaming bases while painting, that is why i normally use some help like this.

When painting some more miniatures i have some similar way of doing so. Just want to share it with you on these 5 Genestealers i painted up lately.

What you need:

- Miniatures
- a piece of wood, a ruler or whatever you may use for this
- Pattafix (sold here in germany for the use to fix posters to a wall and remove them again without having some dirty rest at the wall, it is white, soft and has a strong grip --> i hope you may get what i mean? Don't know the perfect word for this in other areas on this planet)
- but you may also use 2 side-strong tape instead of that strange Pattafix- ... uhm, ...stuff.

How i do:

I did put the prepared miniatures to the wooden stick by using Pattafix, make sure to leave some space between the models, that will be your space to work with later on.
(before i start the painting, i've realized too late to make an article out of this small but maybe helpful thought)...

After they were fixed i started the painting with using the airbrush first, then painting details with the brush after airbrushing. While painting details i am moving the wooden stick in every direction so i can easily reach every point of the group and every sinlge spot at the individual miniatures. It can look like this, having the wooden stick pressed against my shoulder, using my left hand to gently change the angle i am painting in and fur sure the right hand to hold the brush. Try not to sleep like me at this picture (ah damm really need a haircut :)

When finished, carefully ripp off the miniatures from the wooden stick and remove every rest of the Pattafix. I then checked the single models bases, as there have been places i did not reach because of the Pattafix or where colour has chipped while ripping them off.

Even when the Pattafix got a bit coloured i still can use it for a while - at least i do. I also keep that wooden stick, no need to throw it in the carbage :)

Brrrrraaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnssssss! Space Marine Blood Angel Brrraaaaiiiiinnnnnssss!

That's it. A simple helping hand. I am always corious about writing such short tutorials, but i think that this could be helpful... hope you like it!

Keep on happy painting!


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