Introducing... GeOrcs Blog

by Roman aka jar

posted by Roman, jarhead, Kong

... as the last weekend slowly passes by, uhm...i mean in my brain, uhm...  i mean my brain somehow regains energy to move my body like it should, uhm... it seems i found out how to type again... finally.

As i told you i will slowly bring in some introductions of blogs i am reading - for you maybe also a place to find inspiration. Now i am breaking up with traditions, introducing a complete new blog on the web. Why? Let me explain...

Georg Damm, a damm good painter from Germany has been somehow my mentor in different ways over the last years, i guess without knowing this fact. He now has his own blog finally and i am looking forward to see him filled up - check it out and keep an eye out.

georc's blogspot

It now is linked to the bloglist on the right :)

Keep on happy painting!


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