Mu04 - Minotaur by Artefactory, 90 mm

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Mu04 - here we go... MUH!

Showing you the Minotaur from FIGONE, sculpted by Allan Carassco. The model will soon be official availabe when Jeremie did manage to paint him up finally and everything is done at the company's webpage. Not long to wait for, i hope.

The model will cost 40,00 € as far as i know at the moment and believe me in my eyes every cent spent on him is a good cent spent. Awesome and massive are the two words i use for describing this piece. But let me tell you step by step while unpacking it.

The model arrives in a plastic bag shown here:


When you open it you have the feeling of a massive monster which can destroy something like that easily, haha. This model is really big and contains of  following parts in resin:

- Head
- body
- left arm
- right arm
- left axe
- right axe

For a better feeling of his seize i have added a lighter for seize comparision:

The quality of the cast is really adorable. The resin easy to work with and the model itself in my personal eyes great in every single aspect, pose, muscle proportions and message. My favorite part has been this place on his lower back fur, haha:

The fur itself is a little sculpting wonder in itself from my point of view. When unpacking the fresh model you may have fine rests of the resin cast remaining at some places but that is not really a problem moving them away with your scalpell:
I did check the models pieces for mould lines, there have not been many - a really easy piece to handle - i did so while preparing jungle food for my guest Raffa and me yesterday using my scalpell. Really easy going. After the meal i did check the areas again with fine sandpaper. The sort of resin the french guys use here is really a dream to work with. Make sure you take your time while preparing the model, most is the same procedure while working with Resin as described here on white metal alloy (except the steel wool) only way more easy going. Take care while working with a scalpell about not hurting yourself or harm anyone else. Pay attention when working with Resin to stay always on alert not to destroy something as the material is way softer then metal. Ok, here we go... making dinner miniature preparations all in all:

Assembling the model is easy too - the gudgeon/placket system is very well prepared, simple cutting with the scalpell for making sure everything fits together well before glueing it together:

For example the axes fit in very easy with this system, you won't see any strange rests of bringing parts together in the end (also keep an eye on th upper arm part, already glued at this picture). Really a genius work:

Gluing the pieces together you may see that the parts are really fitting in very harmonic. In the end you have to really less work while filling the gaps at the model with some puty and patience. For example showing the head and body part here, ah thanks brain - look at the bull's neck. You may also see a little casting hole at the left horn. I did found 3 of them over the whole model, that is nothing evil at all, just get some putty and fill it up, make it clean and soft with sandpaper again after it dried:

When everything is assembled the monster bull looks like this, i did pin him on a wooden block to have a better hold of him while working on him in the future days - the complete height is about 90 mm.

For sure i will go fill some gaps now and make a final check over the complete model with my scalpell before conversion time begins. I want to create a minotaur lord of him that somehow will fit to the style of the beastman from Games Workshop and he also has a friend already - both are watching over me now from the top of my workbench (not the time yet to start this project):

This model really brought up some ideas in the jungle brothers minds, i guess you can do a hundreds of funny conversions of it. Keep an eye out for this model :)

I hope you like this little review, if so feel invited to tell me so. For sure feel invited to tell me if i did miss something or if i made too much advertisment for the company - if so, i am sorry, can't say something else about good quality products.

Keep on happy painting!

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