sketch sculpting a bust step by step

by Mati

posted by Mati, Badsmile, orang utan

Hello friends of the jungle, here is a little basic step by step on how to sculpt a quick sketch bust.
At first, start with wire as always.

Cover the wire with green stuff. The green stuff will act as adhesive for the sculpey.

The next thing is covering the green stuff with super sculpey. No need to worry too much about precision yet, this is only a base of material to work on.

Start giving it the basic forms you want your sculpt to have, very basical, don't concentrate on too much "detail".

Basic forms are essential for you as a reference on where to put what in the face. I like to start with eyesockets to mark to middle of the face. I make them by pushing my tool into the putty and at the same time building up a little material for the nose.

With a round movement from the cheeks to the nose I build up more nose material. I start building out the mouth area a bit.

Aaaaand squeezing around ion the face a little...

Here I added a little piece of hair and built out the basic volumes of the chest.

Changing the volumes of the face a little adjusting it to look more like a face than mashed bananas.

Making the eyes and lips and nose....

A few corrections here and there.

A little more work on the mouth area and generally a little bit more of detailing in general.

Till here this took about 40 minutes, the basics are done. From here on you can start detailing the face, hair and chest as you like. I didn't bother as this is intended to be a quick sketch.

Not too fancy, just basic volumes......

Sorry for the crappy pics, I hope you enjoyed it anyway.


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