Sculpting Workshop Review / Augsburg

by Mati

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Hello jungle brothers !

Here comes a little review of the sculpting workshop we did in Augsburg this last weekend. After having my flight cancaled because of weather conditions I reached Augsburg on thursday, snowy Augsburg.

My monkey brothers were waiting for me with a big bunch of tasty bananas. Friday was the start of the workshop.


At first we had a little theoretical introduction into sculpting in general. We talked about techniques, anatomy, foldwork, equilibrium and this kind of stuff. Then the jungle visitors were introduced into the chosen theme for the weekend, ZOMBIEEEEES !

After that we started building the wire armature for our workshop mini and built up the basic volumes and let the green stuff set over night.


We started softly into the day by building a tool that would help us to sculpt fine details out of banana putty.

all the participant monkeys were following instructions from the workshop monkeys and at the end of the day everybody had a zombie wich just lacked a head.

Chapuchin and Chimp making "ape-kakadooodddoooo-handshake"... with a zombie in their hands - try this at home with some friends:


What was left to do was to sculpt out the arms and the head. We began a little later than we planed as everybody was wasted from saturday and first everybody had to get some food:

13 hours of non stop sculpting and unhealthy food can be pretty hard sometimes. Thanks to lots of energy drinks we were able to get all zombies finished on sunday.

Here are 2 closer views from DaTroll's and Gwinna's Workshop models, thanks for sharing them with us, cool stuff:

After that we had dinner at a nice mexican restaurant and everybody was happy with the result.

At last I'd like to thank everybody for having attended the workshop and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did. I had lots of fun and was proud of "my" students work.

All I can say is: Keep it on like that ! You were great students.

To everybody else: Thx for reading !

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