Mu03 - Greater Daemon of Tzeentch, Games Workshop, 28 mm

by Roman aka jar

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finally another Mu is rolling in. As i have to paint up that Keeper of Secrets from the Company Games Workshop in 28 mm i have to admit that this is not a normal 28 mm model. It is the greater demon of Tzeentch and guess what - this guy is big!

When unpacking the model from its hard cover box, you'll find that typicall plastic grading box including all parts you need to assemble the model + a round and 4edged gaming base (bases are not taken photos of as i did forget this). The box cover shows the painted model in all its glory.

Openig the box shows you every single part of the model which contains of the following pieces in white metal alloy:

- 2 gaming bases, 1x round, 1x 4edged
- 2 clothes for the hip area
- 1 complete right arm
- 1 piece of the left arm
- 1 hand/lower arm of the left arm holding the staff
- 2 wings
- 1 jugular piece
- 1 head
- 1 complete right leg
- 1 left leg
- tiny additional piece for the left leg

My brain was slow and i already did glue pieces in place before i had the idea of this Mu. Here you go with 2 views on the parts including the box (without the black plastic bases):

The model itself is really big when completly assembled. You have to pay a lot of attention to remove all mould lines and rests from the producing sequence and have to go step by step, part for part with so many pieces.

When gluing everything together the cast places where to glue have to be cleaned first and even then there is still a lot of work to do in filling gaps later on. As this model is really heavy in every single piece you may take some time to pin everything together as described here. 

If this model is built up for the use of the gaming table i have no idea how to build it together without doing this. If you look at the place where the wings should be placed it is a good idea to have a drill with you, because in my eyes, even there is something prepared to glue them togehter they will brake when being touched on the gaming board. Or i simply use the wrong glue for this. Take your time by fitting everything together with the most attention you can achieve to avoid further accidents.

Here is a picture showing you where the wings should be placed. That hole/block system is way too small for such big wings. With attention and patience and a drill you can even fix them there. 

As it is always a challenge to put such a big model up to a gaming base i will write an extra article to this - you can find it over here.

Here is the complete model in all its glory. I really like it, even the preperation part really can make you mad at this one. I like the flow this model has in his dynamic pose and how he turns out to be the essence of magic in the end. Now it is up to me to underline this with some colours :)

I did put the staff into another position as he has a moving dynamic pose all in all moving forward, i did not get why he should have his staff holding completly different. You can also build him up having the other leg standing on a stone, but i wanted him to drift forward while summoning something weird from the warp.

Hope this little insight did help you - Keep on happy painting and always take your time preparing your models!


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