Weekend Playlist Adding No21

by Roman aka jar

posted by Roman, jarhead, Kong

Another weekend past with me not finding time to post some music. Music is really important to me, there is always music out in this world for everyday's mood of your soul - it is just up to you if you listen to it...

Music that sorround my workbench lately - very much electronic bongo in the jungle these days... some pushing my painting at my workbench forward, some for the detail work, as everydays mood comes by ... for sure some to simply relax... starting with the wild ones, thanks to Raffaele for showing me so much good electronic sound... bongo, bongo, jump, jump, bongo, bongo, break tree, break tree, bongo... yeah!

Wild Obsession (Klaas Mix!) - Erick Decks

Calabria - Enur feat Natasja

One of my all time favourite Vids, hehe:
Who's your daddy? - Benni Benassi

A bit of Silence for those rare quiet moments:
Sanvean (i am your shadow) -Lisa Gerrard

Cool vibes of the good old times of HipHop:
Harder than you think - Public Enemy

Thé à menthe - La Caution - Instrumental

So far, keep enjoying your music and think of your miniatures while you are away of them. Your thoughts got to be a wet brush - always remind this :)

Keep on happy painting!

PS: Before i forget - check out the Tutorial Section we got new Main Banners there to seperate the articles much better. And for sure i had to use some of my own ape pictures for this of keeping it legal :)


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