MV-Team: Sanne

by Massive Voodoo

Name: Susanne Ziegler

Nickname: Sanne

Years of Painting: Miniatures: ¾ year

Big Paintings: Since 2007

Media: Acrylics and oils

Brushes: Windsor&Newton

Airbrush: Nope. Not yet.

Speed: Very, very sloooooow, but I slowly get faster!

my name is Rickydicky Slim Shady, äh: Sanne and I'm 30 years old. After school I did an apprenticeship as a beautician/makeup artist and I'm still working additionally in the profession. 2007 I started to study at the university of Augsburg and I have completed my art education degree in 2013.

Normally I paint large-scale oil paintings – rather colorful and very picturesque (more expressive rather than realistic) and show them in various exhibitions in Augsburg. I have a studio in the Kulturpark West in Augsburg since 2012. Since autumn 2013 I'm doing an internship with Roman and Raffa from Massive Voodoo. I'm very happy that I learn so much at Massive Voodoo, especially in so many topics I completely didn't know before.

What I usually paint - Oil on canvas - 

I also enjoy to draw and be creative in everything I do ...

To the internship I came by chance, as our studios are located next to each other, we met in the hallway and started talking. Since the spring of 2014, we are no neighbors anymore. Instead we share one studio where I now have two working places: One for painting large canvas and one for painting miniatures. Until now I've painted a zombie, a green gorilla bust, a demonette, two orcs, a flesh golem, two knights and a nightmare monster and I modeled a bust, called Jason. Another bust and my first little diorama are in progress.

Additionally, I have visited the sculpting workshop by Pedro Fernandez and the beginner's workshop by Roman, Roman's latest basing class and I was also already taking part at the Scale Model Challenge in Veldhoven 2013 and the Duke of Bavaria 2014 in Ingolstadt. This work is really a lot of fun to me– I wish I had more time for it – slowly but sure I see a progress and I' looking forward to future projects! I also have to say that I've met very nice people in the scene. I'm really excited and I already feel as a member of this great figure painter family. Thank you! :)


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