Celtic Chieftain III Century B.C.

by Oli aka HonourGuard

Celtic Chieftain III Century B.C.

After I have finished my pirate from Alexandros Models, I decided to paint another historical miniature, I started painting the Celtic Chieftain from Romeo Models.

I was a bit scared about the painting, because of the freehands I wanted to add on the cloak, on the shields, the tatoos on the skin and the checked pants. In the end it turned out that exactly this parts needed a lot of time with smoothing and correct mistakes.

I want to start with some close ups of the two shields.  For painting the shields, I added them on wood cube, I think that makes painting freehands a lot easier :

 Now here is the complete figure:

And a picture together with my freebooter:

and at last the a collage, with  many different views - click to enlarge

And another chapter, I have added some miniatures, which I would like to sell, in the Massive Voodoo-Boutique, for example this figure from Guild of Harmony:

 So far, let me know what you think about my celtic chieftain ;)

Best regards Oli


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