Banshee under questions

by Massive Voodoo

Alfonso Giraldes aka Banshee:
"I am happy to show you an idea that came to me after receiving so many questions during the last year.. every question deserves an answer but i think that responding one by one by private mensaje, doesn't allow other people to learn or take conclusions of the chat.. so I thought...why not recording those questions and show it to everyone? maybe would be more helpful.. so.. I looked for some help and i found the guys from FreeMindState Studio. Who helped me so much to filming, editing and rendering a good video.

i hope it will be helpful and appologies in advance for my bad english .. I was a bit rusty that day. Only a few questions were answered and all the rest will go to a list of questions and will be answered in future chapters if the people like this iniciative. so.. if you like it, please, share and help:" 


"Great initiative by a miniature hero!"
Massive Voodoo has to learn some spanish now!


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