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by Massive Voodoo



with this text I want to introduce myself , the person who stands behind the nickname HonourGuard. I will give you some information about me and about my point of views to this beautiful hobby.

My Name is Oliver Spaeth, I was born in 1991 and I live in Aichwald a little village in the South of Germany. Beside the painting I like to make sports, especially running, but also biking and snowboarding and I like to spend time, with my family, friends or with my girlfriend. I am a big fan of watching good movies in the cinema or at home and of  reading historical novels and fantasy books. I think this is the quite and relaxed opposite to my other hobbies, painting, which needs a lot of concentration and of running which can be very energy-sapping, too.

I have been painting miniatures for a really long time now and I am still fascinated of this little figures. It started all when I bought the Fellowship of the Ring  movie on DVD in the year 2002. You must know I really felt in love with the LotR movie, with all this different creatures and races, the beautiful fantasy world and the various characters. This opened the eyes of a 11 year old boy to the world of fantasy and creativity. Inside the DVD box, there was a paper with advertisement for Lord of the Rings articles.  There was a picture of  the starter box of the tabletop game from Games Workshop and I still remember how I asked my parents what miniatures are? I just couldn't imagine it rightly. I think you can guess how the story continued.

For the next years I painted really many miniatures and I have spend  the most of my pocket money to Games Workshop. "Many miniatures" means about 700 figures, that I have painted for gaming with a friend, nothing special I just wanted to have a nice army on table. But I already started to try to receive better painting results on my hero models.

In the year 2007 I visited my first miniature convention, the MAC,  together with my Dad, who always supported me with good feedback and travels to figure events (in the following years). Right on the Expo I was really impressed of all this great painted miniatures I saw on this event. I never imagined that it could be possible to paint on such a high level in this small scale. Since this day, I wanted to improve my painting skills, because I wanted to create my own little worlds and characters on a high artistic level. With the help of the internet, painting sites, forums, workshops, feedback from other painters and especially with nearly daily painting, I could improve my painting a bit. The good in our hobby is you never learn out, there are so many things to learn and thousand possibilities to create fantastic little pieces of art. I think this is a part because I love this hobby, too, it has so many different aspects like sculpting, building bases, color choices, different scales, single models or dioramas, busts or flats, fantasy or historical miniatures.

For now,  I feel like I just started painting, I still try to improve my painting and to expand my horizon in this hobby. And just enjoy this hobby, visit figure events, talk with hobby friends and paint a lot of great miniatures. There are so many more outstanding sculpts on the market, which I would like to paint in the future. I just discovered historical miniatures for me, too.

I usually paint miniatures just for fun, competitions and for my private collection, without any goals of sell them. But if you are interested in buying one of my figures, want a promotion paintjob on a new model  or just want to give me a feedback you can contact me on this email adress:

Beside Massive Voodoo, I have a painting page on facebook, where I show my latest projects and WIP pictures:

So far, these were the important facts to me, I wish you a happy painting time!

Best regards 


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