Forged Hope - Entries - Round 4

by Massive Voodoo

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by Matthew DiPietro
He has crossed the shimmering plain and down to where ruins tumble to eternal deep. And through verdant reaches made new and strange his brush finds a lonely beauty.

The forge father speaks of Arthur in shades of sadness and love.  For he says in that frame lies the fractured spirit of man. In his work the people glimpse themselves and find hope amongst all that was squandered.

Curious George
by Ashley Curran
Curious George named after the 'Curiosity Rover' Georges goals include: investigation of whether selected field sites of earth have any environmental conditions favourable for Microbial life, including investigation of the Planetary habitability and studies in preparation for future human exploration.

George's onboard lab is able to take soil samples and transmit data back to the forge fathers head scientists for further study.

George is also equipped with a rifle to make sure so mutated animals; monsters or rogue humans stop him from performing his mission. 

Book and Booklet
by Bernie Ansbach
After the Forge Father had determined that there were virtually no books in the small settlement he created "Booklet and Book".
A nice robot couple. Booklet is a flirty smart robot girl and Book has a small circuit failure and therefore is somewhat jumpy, anxious and a little clumsy.
Both have the task to search for books together and to copy them so that the residents have something to read again.
And by Book's circuit fault situations like the one seen here happen quite often. Book is scared by two rats that suddenly appear out of nowhere on their way. And Booklet gets thrown a couple of meters away by Books wild gestures shouting out. And the only thing Booklet can yell is Boooooooooooooooooooook!

by Lisa Sherry
F.F.R.A.N.C – the Forge Fathers Robot Assistant & Neighbourhood Craftsman, but everybody just calls him Frank.

Frank is the local handyman helping out in the workshop with repairs to other robots or simply doing odd jobs for the local settlers; he is much loved in the community and is full of personality even for a robot. 

by HPB
After the great Atomic War the world was infested. But what almost worse than the radiation, the fact is that even millions of unexploded ordnance (UXO'S) lying around in the world. Its like a time bomb waiting to explode and further causing damage. A group called Hans Peter Basel has accepted the problem and invented a EOD bot.
He makes himself fully automatic and self-sufficient on the search for these objects defused this or breaks them specifically in the air. Without compromising beings.
Long Live the E O D BOT

by Jim Howard
Some things you make because you want to. Some things you make because you have to.
 --The Forge Father

A variant of the utilitarian “First One” design, Bernard is designed as a long­range search and rescue bot. As word of The Forge Father spread, many survivors attempted to reach his Settlement. The Wasteland is treacherous and dangerous place, not fit for travel. Bernard was created to bring these pilgrims into the fold, supplying water from his internal leg reservoirs and guidance to The Forge Father’s Settlement. A patient and resourceful guide, Bernard has saved hundreds in this manner.

But Bernard has a tremendous range. The half­life of his fuel cells is well over a thousand years and his e­Brain has been programmed with adaptable algorithms with archives of survival techniques. Bernard has often wandered far from the Settlement. Far beyond, unfortunately, the range of many travelers he encounters. For occasions such as this, The Forge Father has also seen fit to equip Bernard for another duty: mercy. When encountering a pilgrim beyond hope, Bernard can engage the surgical systems of his lower abdomen. In a matter of minutes he can retrieve all of the water from any poor souls he’s calculated are not capable of reaching the Settlement.

It has been many years since Bernard regularly returned to the Settlement. In the beginning he’d return with a traveler at least every other day, and often to refill his water supplies. Now he returns less than once a year and makes his base on a rocky outcropping with a good view of a vast desert and a wide valley, often used for travel. He’s adapted his own equipment, acquiring a jug to supplement his leg reservoirs for water storage. His prize possession is a shiny scope used to scout for pilgrims. It is kept impeccably clean, its mirrored surface can signal travelers he’s spotted from miles away.

As he ranges further and encounters fewer travelers he’s capable of helping, Bernard has been using his water to nurture a tree near his lookout spot. One day Bernard hopes this tree will be a lush, green and shady place for weary pilgrims to rest. Until then, he keeps one eye to his scope, watching the horizon.

Helping those who can be helped with those who can’t.

Out of Competition (not finished in time):

Work in Progress
by Olivier Herbiet

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