Celtic warrior, Greece 279 B.C.

by Roman aka jar

Thanks to my friend Peter R. for giving me the opportunity to paint this big "miniature".
I am not 100% sure if this creek Celt interpretation of mine is totally correct, nonetheless I enjoyed painting him up. It took me a little while as I am not really used to the scale of 90 mm, it's pretty huge, but therefore the sculpt by Pegaso Models is just splendid.

Sometimes I really enjoy the change of topic that a historicl sculpt brings to the way of painting it. I mean I love to paint fantasy-styled characters and will always enjoy it but if you do painting for a living and paint a lot changes can be healthy to the work you do with your brush.

Celtic warrior, Greece 279 B.C.
Pegaso Models, 90 mm


He is really big - here is a photo from my cabinet, colours are a little strange as I have done it with lightning by the camera:

I hope you like him! If you want to see more photos of this work of mine, you can also find this miniature on Putty&Paint or CMON. Thanks for your time!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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