Ultimate Paintrack - Campaign Update

by Massive Voodoo

Hidiho Jungle Painters,

we were thunderstruck to see our actual Indigogo campaign "The Ultimate Paint Rack" running so well and being funded in less then 8 hours. Now the campaign has 17 days left, let's call this half time.

We want to thank you all for your support and encouraging words all around. 
Many thanks for making your Ultimate Paint Rack really real!

Feel free to spread the word about it on your blog, local newspaper, forum or among your painter friends. Thanks for the help to all of you, jungle painters!

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__________________________________________________Campaign News

- Shipping Worldwide
We did not find a better shipping solution for our worldwide supporters yet. We are still searching and searching for it, calculate, but so far we did not find the perfect solution. We want to apologize for it. The main Problem is the size of the parcels we will ship out.

FAQ: I urgently want to back your campaign, but I can not afford the shipping costs?
Answer: Well, this is definatly not the perfect answer, but check for the shipping cost table. You will find there that 3~8 Paintracks shipped as one parcel make the shipping costs shrink to a minor amount. Easiest solution now would be to get your friends nearby to order a paintrack too and tell us that we have to ship a bigger parcel in your direction. Maybe you can ask your local hobby store to be the location it'll be shipped to.

- Brushboxes
The brushboxes from the video are available via the campaign if you backed for your Ultimate Paint Rack. Unfortanetly we can not provide the brush box being a stand-alone perk as the logistics-department of MV can provide proper shipping of the boxes with the Ultimate Paint Rack. Without we are getting seriously messed up in our packing and boxing plans.

- Jungle Shirts
We have shown different T-Shirt designs on Massive Voodoo's facebook-page lately and we did ask for your oppinion. The first shirts arrived at the MV-HQ and we love the new designs. Every true Jungle Painter now can get his "Jungle Painter-shirt" and wear it proudly.

FAQ: I want my "Jungle Painter" shirt, now! How can I get it?
So far, the "Jungle-Painter shirt -design" is available in our running Indigogo Campaign. You can get it for the great price of 12 € + shipping costs to your location. So far there is only one design, "Jungle Painter" available, but we are already calculating on how to bring you the other design via campaign unlocking. We offer the shirts up to the size XXL, we will have male and female cuts, but if you have special wishes, please contact us.

When the campaign is over you will be able to choose your size and cut via pledge manager.

As the first shirts now arrived in the jungle we did a little photoshot to present them to you - even we are not the greatest models :)


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