Forged Hope - Entries - Round 1

by Massive Voodoo

Ladies and Gentleman,

as the Forged Hope Program is over, we can start showing the great entries that we received.

We won't show them all in one blog post, as there are way to many stories and pictures to give every entry the attention it deserves!

We will post the entries by the order in which we received them starting with:

by Florian "Tuffskull" Weinheimer
One day a rider came to the forgefather. He felt from his horse holding a letter in his hands. He was looking strange: strange eyes, dark skin, black hair. The forgefather opened the letter and read: “dear forgefather. We are the people from a country formerly known as Nihon before the atomic apocalypse. Due to the radioactive fallout most of our animals died but some mutated. Some weeks ago a beast was coming from the sea and attacked the ruins of our old capital Tokyo. We called it Jarzilla. Please forgefather build a robot to defend us.”

Shortly after that the forgefather was on his way using his newest speedbot. After a journey of almost three days he finally arrived. The people already collected all they could find and thought it could be of use for the old mechanic. So he started to build… and build… and build. When he finally was done the people came to take a look at their new defender. The robot was huge – almost 20 meters. The forgefather called it RK-78-2. The one of the visitors felt to his knees screaming happily: “Oh my god – it’s the Gundam!” That was the day when Jarzilla went back to the sea.

XM3 - Glitchbot
by Daniel Owen
Typically, the XM3 is a defensive robot used to guard cargo and other vital material in the settlement but "Glitchbot" suffered almost catastrophic damage during an electrical storm which destroyed one arm and made him a little glitchy...until his owner replaced his arm with a harpoon claw and set him a new purpose, he still protects, but he seeks out any vermin that may attempt to consume the settlements food.

The Fishomat F-1
by Jens Didgman
After the Forge Father designed and built the First One he was thinking about what his community needs.
The lack of proteins has always been a problem, since most animals were killed by the nocturnal attacks of monsters.
A reasonable and efficient option are the existing fish stocks in the remaining rivers and small lakes.

For this reason he designed the F-1, the Fishomat.
He used, as before with the First One, a DNHH (do not harm humans) module.
This module was originally intended as a protection to avoid assaults by robots agains humans.
He programmed the DNHH, so that the F-1 does not harm the fish unnecessarily and transport them as vividly as possible in the conclave.
He also programmed a MM & WSO, the name of the algorhythm for movement minimizer & water surface observator.
However, there is the problem that the main processor, a rudimentary KI that can learn and adapt, influenced all the implemented modules.
In this case, the DNHH and the MM & WSO.

Due to this influence, certain traits develop.
As manifested in the F-1 is a dreaminess with growing interest for its lively environment.
But it will take months, where the F-1 comes back with less and less fish to the conclave and the Forge Father realizes that the F-1 developed into a kind of active animal rights activists.
But this won't make the F-1 useless, as the Forge Father converted him as a biological observation unit.

by Leonard Kraus
V4n-H is designed as a guard and hunt robot. Especially designed to hunt for beasts in the ruins.
For this he was equipped with a heavy repeating crossbow.


by Serafin
This is my Farm Bot. In times when food is rare it´s not an good idea to have human farmers, who want to eat more of the plants than they are allowed to -or give it to their families or those who paid for. So the solution is a neutral farmer - and who is more neutral than a bot that needs no food? Right nobody. So here is the keeper of the postapocalyptical glashouse (I think they need glashouses because of the toxic rain).

The Farm Bot does his work day after day - and nothing special happens. There are no humans allowed in the glashouses and so he works alone. But he love to see his plants grow and talk to them - cause there is nobody to talk to. But then comes the day everything changed. Somehow a little lizard found a way into his loneliness. The Farmbot never have seen a creature like this and all he knows about living creatures is, that they need food (thats the reason why the humans builded him) and so he grabs a corncob an offers the lizard some kernels and he realizes that he is not alone anymore.

Those are all entries of the first round, stay tuned for the second round of entries!
We are really amazed by all the ideas and cool projects, what do you think?

Cheers and have a great start in the week! 


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