MV-Team: Ben

by Massive Voodoo

Name: Ben Komets

Nickname: “White Rabbit”

Job: Art Director Soul at Paintingbuddha

Years of Painting: puuuh.. including the very first brush strokes I guess 1996 - 18 ?!

Media: Acrylics, oils, water colours, inks, coffee, etc.

Brushes: Windsor&Newton Series 7 Standard, size 0, 1 and 2

Airbrush: Yes, but only for the foundation .. and a little here and there

Miniatures: Fantasy and Historical

Scales: All , but I prefer large models

Speed: ultra fast …

Average Painting Hours per day: 3 h

Sculpting: I am such a bad sculptor, and I know so many good ones, I am a lazy guy.
PS: I hope Mati will teach me something in not to distant future.

My Name is Ben Komets, born and raised in the wonderful City of Berlin, some people from the internetz know as “white rabbit” I love to paint! I painted for so many years, I ´m like a nerd-dinosaur.. if been here for so long, oh god, when I wrote “Years of Painting: 18” I felt like : 18 years … that passed quick. I find so much fun and joy in creating miniature worlds, that I guess I will never stop.. and I already see the next 30years passing like a glance ;)

 I would always prefer a good storytelling miniature ,than a technical perfect miniature.The best projects are those where the good execution supports the story . I love a good competition! I am attending painting contests since 10 years by now, I love that day of the battle .. everybody is ready.. many sleepless nights passed … and people try to show the best they can.. but nothing is more important than the people you meet..

I love traveling around the globe, meeting crazy people all over the world... Contest Painting brought me all over the Globe, and I met so many fantastic people I found some good friends. Its amazing how many different people you can meet with in the hobby... I love passionate people.. No matter what you do do it with passion...!! I love what I do..

After finishing university (Diploma in Architecture and Urban planning) in 2006 I worked in several different Architecture Offices of various sizes, always working on the “Visual side” of architecture, like 3D renderings and Material Concepts and Design. Since 2013, i´m working full time for Paintingbuddha together with my friend Mati Zander,we are working for Michael “Zaphod” Bartels, together we are producing finest quality DVDs and Miniatures. For me it was quite a big/tuff decession for me to drop out of Architecture to become a full time nerd, but it was also a great chance. Now I can combine my Miniature Passion with my visual work on the Computer.. and we created a a high class product. Also its great fun to develop new ideas for our DVD productions I have painted for different company , big ones .. small one .. private commissions .. and I paint a lot for for myself.

Also.. I love art, small dogs, good friends, a good drink, a good tea, sunshine, hippies and a fresh breeze.


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