Massive Jungle News

by Massive Voodoo

Time for some Jungle News it is.
A little round up on things we want to share with all the Jungle Painters outthere:


The Ultimate Paint Rack Campaign
While writing this our campaign slowly comes to its final hours. 65 hours left to get your
Ultimate Paint Rack. We want to thank everybody who helps Massive Voodoo in making this workspace dream come true.

Check the campaign if you are not yet a part of it and if you want to make your workspace at home a better place. Many goodies appeared by unlocking the latest stretchgoals and if you just check for the most pledged perk so far - the Ultimate Set - it is now the time to place your pledge.

Don't miss the other perk explanations and pick yours!


Forged Hope Contest

We are part by part showing you all the cool entries we recieved from you painters.
We assume that we will be done in about one and a half week with all the entries. We are already linking them up to Massive Voodoo's event section, just in case you want to check back and have a look on the different rounds of entries.
During the upcoming weekend you will find the draw of the random prize pool on Massive Voodoo.

We announced 40 entries to the contest but we have to tell you the truth: The monkeys who had the task to count properly failed in it and we have 37 entries, with two of them out of competiton. Sorry for this mistake.


Massive Voodoo's year of the Painter
Well, running for a while now Massive Voodoo put this year totally in spotlight to bring you a lot of articles and content about painting, converting, basing and even step by steps. Be sure that the year of the painter lasts until the year is over, we got so much stuff for you prepared. Many thanks to those who take part in the weekly tutorial votes, comment on the articles and help us making the year of the painter truely the year of the painter, it is about you, Jungle Painter, yeah you!

We are proud to see MV's article section blown up to 253 articles at present.


Massive Voodoo at events
You will find members of Massive Voodoo on this years edition of Scale Model Challenge and
Monte San Savino Show for sure. We also heard rumors about Ben going to the Vertigo Cup by his work, Painting Buddha, so you might find a monkeybruddha there too.

If you missed it, check Max's great report on this years World Expo in Stresa -
click here for the event report!


Massive Voodoo Painting Classes
The year 2014 has been rather quiet when it comes to painting classes. Nonetheless, there are still some up to come in this year - you can also check the painting class roadmap.

MV's Jar's Beginners Class:
Munich, Germany,  17th -19nd of October 2014 (german language)
Sprang-Capelle, Netherlands, 12th - 14th December 2014 (english language)

If you want to take part in Sprang-Capelle please contact our friendly helper Gert for details via: dhollandergert---at---gmail---dot---com 

MV's Jar's Basing Class:
Augsburg, Germany, 26th - 28th October 2014 (german language)
This class is already fully booked!

The year 2014 is planned with private coachings until the end of the year. We have all our capacities filled and are looking forward to those Jungle Painters visiting us. Great topics ahead on the road and we will definatly let you know about such events via reviews.

Plans about early 2015 are already on their way to be forged in iron.


Massive Voodoo Team Updates

Maybe you have recognized our team rosters coming up recently to the blog. In case you missed them or you want to check back with one particual one you will find the "new" rosters linked up to the horizontal navigation bar via "About".


Massive Voodoo Painted Miniatures Boutique 
There is also a bigger update in the Miniatures for Sale area. Oli aka HonourGuard threw in some of his beautiful pieces. Go have a look and maybe you find something you want to add to your collection or use as a birthday gift to a friend.

Support us and check out our offers!


Massive Voodoo Artbooks
We still recieve many questions about our Figure-Art Artbooks and we are really happy about it. If you are searching for your copy this link provides you with all the information about retailers that you need. Thanks for your support by making this book a part of your collection!

Jungle News out! Thanks for your time and attention!


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