Forged Hope Contest is over!!

by Massive Voodoo

Ladies and Gentleman,

the Forged Hope Program is over now!
We want to thank everybody who spread the word about this contest and everybody who helped the Forge Father raise some great robots to help humanity!

Fourty (40!) awesome, creative entries have been recieved until the deadline yesterday.
Two of them out of competition as both have not been finished, but they still deserve to be shown in the jungle. Thirty-eight in the competition.

Now what is going to happen next?
We are sorting all your great entries and all the stories that came with them and will post them up in groups of five to the blog in the next two weeks, so every entry will get the attention he deserves. In the end there will be a big gallery of all the entries on Massive Voodoo's facebook page.

When every entry got introduced on Massive Voodoo, the judging work begins. And this will be a hard task, you can believe that.

During the two weeks of showing you the entries of those cool robots
we'll add additional information to the posts to do the lottery of the random prize pool.

Read you soon with more on this topic!


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