Forged Hope - Entries - Round 3

by Massive Voodoo

Ladies and Gentleman,

Week after week we will show you the entried of the Forged Hope Program.
You can find the other rounds here:
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You will find these posted galleries of the entries linked up to the event section - click here!
One thing we have to clear up. On the post of the last round, we showed this image:

We didn't want to say the entries so far are not the best. I hope no one tought that, the entries are all great and we tried to say that the Best is obviously the end of the competition, when everything is posted and the 'prize ceremony' is over.

To say it with the words of Frank Sinatra:

When you know in your heart that you've found that one
That's when you know for certain
Still the best is yet to come

Now let's continue with the third set of entries... and again, they are really cool.

by Oliver Späth
A damaged world, wild and full of dangers. Not many humans are left, just one little city, or not a city at all, more some kind of a hidden place with a big wall and some weapons.
Their resources are limited. Not much water, food, nearly no electricity and no machines or any electrical equipment. So they started building robots for the help to hunt, to collect fruits, electrical parts, tools and machines of the old world.
We don’t know if there are any other survivors out there, in the deserts and jungles, the nature takes back all the human cities and roads. After all this atomic tests and wars in the past the complete environment changed in a really bad way, mutated plants and animals and even more dangers, which we don’t know about. Some survivors travelled out to find answers before, but they never returned. So we started building the robots. We have already build heavy robots with big guns and armour, to defend us. But they are too slow and need too much energy when they go outside for exploration. So we built this new series, fast and light robots, which collect information about the environment and got messages if they find any other survivors or tribes. So he is out there, running, and making hundreds of kilometers, collecting information and searching for other humans...

And some words about the different elements and to my thoughts on this project:

I wanted to catch a scene of a running robot (running is another big hobby from me). He has a GPS-watch and an oil drink in the hand. And some letters are pinned on his metal body, this messages are for other survivors. On the base you can see different elements for example a human skull, a destroyed road and a gun, this elements stand for the wars of the humans. This has been some years before, you can recognize that, because all the elements were grow over with plants. Beside that you can see a the head of a destroyed robot, this shows the actual dangers in the world, the head doesn’t lie there for a long time. The rabbits were just out there and enjoying their lives, while they get scared away of the running robot. With the jumping rabbit and the robot, I wanted to catch a very dynamic and sudden scene.

The Collector
by Erik Lux
He is the Collector, built to find the remains of the ancient civilization, collect and bring them to his Creator.

He is the 2nd of its kind. What happened to no. 1? Better don't ask, it's a tough world out there!
He is still young. He was activated barely two weeks ago. Yet his paint is fresh and only a few scratches are visible, but this is changing faster than he would like. Always with him, his faithful companion K-9.

His job is not easy, so many debris everywhere, but little useful material. But he takes it seriously, because he knows that so much depends on it and people need him and the things he finds.

And sometimes, though not very often, it's a real treasure.

Theo Mechanic
by Maximilian Ullrich
Named after my son Theodor, I decided that my robot should be a mechanic.
He fixes everything that is useful, from the kitchen blender up to a B71. But his heart belongs to his red jeep with white shelby stripes.
Theo has a small hideout where he gathers his tools and other useful stuff. His pride are his aviator glasses which he has exchanged for a defective refrigerator.

And a small side entry by Maximilian:

Hans the Guardian

Hans is standing so long in front of his door he should guard that he no longer knows why and what is behind it.
But he is dutiful and ready to fight, and he knows no fear as long as his batteries are charged.

by Siggi Hauke
They are robots ...
Living in a world of scrap and metal ...
Built to help the human survivors ...
Some robots are blue ... some robots are orange* ...
If they are orange, they carry metal from here to there ...
Blue robots are built to paint. With their paintings they bring colors back in the wastelands ...
Humans need colors to keep their good will of live ...
Thank you #A.R.T.1

*Model 'worker' #W42

Resting atop a Skyscraper 2332 AD
by Arne Wilkens
As an homage to the well­-known picture of the New York Construction Workers on a crossbeam back in 1932 I started to work on my robots for the forged hope contest. In a setting exactly 400 years later. If you wanted to read more about the story behind the original photography follow this link.

And here's my (short) story of these 3 for the contest, even if I am not really into writing something about this as a story is visible on it's own if knowing the story behind the original photography.

"Years after the devastating destruction of mostly everything knowen as civilisation humans slowly started to take over the earth again. Collecting junk, harvesting fruits and vegetables, hunting animals and defending against the beasts, mutated from regular animals after the devastation. But they also needed a home.

Constructed from junk people started to use robots as little helpers for mostly every task. So are these 3 construction­robots, building a new centre fpor robotic research, development and construction. This shot was made during a short rest, while new materials were delivered to the 63rd floor."

We hope you liked the 3rd round of entries! The next round will be shown on Monday!


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