Kong's WIP- thoughts - August #01

by Roman aka jar


Time for another look on my table via Kong's WIP-thoughts.
Here is the last one #02 from July, if you are interested. This post might get rather big as I got a lot to tell. Before more blablubb appears in my morning typing let's head over to the content:

Do not forget: Forged Hope Contest ends today!!!!!!

After the class is before the class
Well, I had to learn this after the basing class, numero uno.
Upfront the class and after it many friends were visiting the jungle lair and we did spend a really good time. I was happy to have some friends at my place, did so for about ~11 days. I just missed the relaxation day after the class, a day where I do not want to speak a word. I am slowly getting back into my regular work life, you can not imagine :D

Some Impression - I call it a random mix - of these mad days we had, for example check Manu and Vlado, our friends from dieVincis, thanks to Matthias for that cool photo:

My horse likes you:

 Showing off our hometown to some tourists:

 "yeah well wtf" was what just appeared in Kyle's mind:

 Peter and Andi making serious painting moves:


 Kyle did some ninja photos with my camera - me going silver in my beard, wearing
one of the first official shirts of M.L.P.E.
Now what does that mean, eh?

Bene has a strong back from painting so much:

Me, Oli, Bene, Raffa, Peter, Andi ...

Another ninja-photo of Raffa working concentrated:

 Oli and Raffa - wait where is Raffa?

During a weekend's painter meeting the studio was packed with extra tables:

Well, let's have a look on what everyone was working at, eh? Sanne was there too, but did succesfully avoided to get photographed by a ninja.

Here is a glimpse on Sanne's actual project:

Peter was doing final works on his Heroes & Villians bust from the Fernando Ruiz class, worked on his base from my basing class too. Check out Peter's version of the Ultimate Paint Rack, he used wood stain to make it mahagony:

A look on Bene's table showed me a pink version of a well known Forged Monkey sculpt. I saw him sculpting too, but no ninja took a photo of the sculpting work he did. Looked very, very promising:

Oli was having fun with some 1:72 Samurais from Zvezda he found in 
my miniature drawer and did a conversion of yet another Forged Monkey sculpt.

Andi started and pushed a cool conversion of 
Forged Monkey's Knucklehead forward on his table:

Raffa is focused on working with Tanks at the moment:

Kong Fu
Through all these ten days we had a cool time, even I went a little melancolic sometimes. My girlfriend is on vacation in Norway for three weeks and first it felt great to have the house for myself, but I do miss her and I sometimes had strange moments and was not in the best mood to be a great host for my guests, sorry for that, ladies and gentleman - but still we painted on until the dark of night:

After the basing class I set myself a goal. Working on my "Chimera vs. Bellerophon" project and pushing it forward. So did I. It's really been a while since I started it and I am enjoying progress on it, even I started with some mad happy painting on it to get back into the project, just like canvas painting:


To become the "Hades-ivy of grief"

Need more of it:

There will be more talk about this project soon in your jungle I guess.
I hope you enjoyed the content of this WIP-thoughts, even it was a wild mix of maybe too much different information. Well, let me know and I keep it more calm in the future. The last days were really great with so many friends around and it is easy to tell that they were wild too :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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