Forged Hope - Entries - Round 6

by Massive Voodoo

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Atom Powered Entity (A.P.E.) - Mark III
(out of competition) by Martin Skorepa

Hello there, in the jungle, 
when the competition Forged Hope was proclaimed on the MV blog, I was thrilled. First of all I liked the idea – waste lands,  robots sent there by the mysterious Forge Father... That’s what I call a fantasy, fantastic idea. The comic strip by Raffa really kicked my own fantasy. Now I know – and it was something new for me though I’ve been painting and sculpting figures for some years – the story is very important. It helps you paint your miniatures because if you have a strong story, you know how it should be paint like. The same rule is even more important if you want to sculpt something. BTW rules… I’d like to thank the jury for allowing me to show there the robot though it’s not from the marvelous kit by Heroes and Villains Miniatures (that’s why it’s out of the competition but Forge Father is Forge Father).

I just knew what I had to do from the very first moment – a robot created by the Forge Father that is looking for some raw materials somewhere in the deserts... It had to be quite damaged and scratched and – we are on the Massive Voodoo blog (=in the  jungle) so the robot had to looke like an ape. 

That’s why I chose the name of it Atom Powered Entity (A.P.E. for short).  OK, everything was set and it was the right time for the sculpting. I started the sculpting job by drawing a quick and simple sketch of the robot. I draw something between gorilla and an old steam locomotive. I wanted to cover the body with plates and rivets because I hope it  could be great fun to paint it.
Using epoxy putty Magic Sculp and some copper wire I made a simple mannequin. I decided for small size about 28mm known from the war-games. When the mannequin was done I tried to use Magic sculp but I wasn’t satisfied. So I removed it and decided to use oven-bake clay. Using i tis much more comfortable and if you make a mistake, it’s very easy  to remove it and sculp the wrong part again. I used Super Sculpey FIRM, (red) FIMO and (blue) mass! by Koh-i-noor. The only reason for it was simple – you can mix it as you wish and after you do it, you get a quite new clay with a new colour(s).

There are many ways how to sculpt rivets.  You can make a stamp, use head of pin… it depends of the soze of the rivet you want to have on your figure. Sculpting the rivets on the A.P.E. I knew it was almost impossible (for me ) to have the same size of each rivet. That’s why I decided using quite different technique that allowes me have the rivet heads almost the but not the same from the very start. I believed it could be fine detail of the figure. I made a thin slice from the clay on my Clay Conditioning Machine and cut a small circle with a simple tool I made before – cut-off needle (there’s a wire to help to eject the stamped circle from inside the tube). I made a ball from this circle and this ball I put into a hole pushed before. (I recommend place a drop of Sculpey Translucent Liquid Sculpey into the hole before you put the ball into it because it works as glue when (!) you bake it.

So here’s the almost finished A.P.E.. Hope you like it because it’s not finished yet. I have to sculpt the shoulders, hands and the base… So thank you for watching for now and stay tuned … and see more on my blog in the future!

Rusty the Clown
by Harald Moosmann
After the nuclear war, human communication broke down. Power stations were destroyed, landlines broken, antennas gone, digital communication was down as the satellites couldn´t be reached. And the post offices were closed for obvious reasons...

The few surviving settlements were scattered far away so the contact between those few was completely lost.

And even within the underground dwellings communication was a big issue. Systems of runners were established that connected the sometimes kilometers long and deep bunker systems. But that system didn´t prove right.

So humanity started to introduce an ancient technology called telegraphy. Back in the days whole continents and even lands overseas stayed in contact by this technic. Soon the tunnels and underground halls were connected by the "singing wire" as the survivors started to call the cables running through their settlements.

After a life on the surface was possible again, it didn´t took too long and humanity started to reestablish communication with their "neighbouring" settlements. The distances were really huge so the only practicable solution was the construction of a singing wire network.
Whatever material was available was used to build the masts that keep the precious cables safe form movement on ground. Mostly metal scarp was used, trees were still a rare sight in the sun burned wastes. To save recources sometimes even natural structures were incorporated. Like rocky spires or overhanging cliffs, even termitehives weren´t save. Nobody could tell how those insects survived the big war and the years after.

After the first robots were created, the settlers started to give them specific colours, according to their actual tasks. Multipurpose bots were repainted if their job changed, others stayed as they were. Black was used for guardians and hunters, orange for maintenance bot, yellow and white for scouting bots and green for those who served the leaders in their daily tasks to run a settlement.

There was one particular green bot, his original name and serial number was lost, called rusty. Something was special about him. There was unrepairable construction fault or a defect in the software, nobody could really tell. Even reboots and a new CPU didn´t help. This green bot was kind of clumsy, throwing down glasses and bottles, stumbling and dropping technical devices, sometimes even forgetting his given tasks. This enraged the leaders and elders, and so the bot was returned to dismantle. The robot forgers couldn´t find it in their hearts to simply do this. So the bot was sent back into the settlement to help whoever needed a hand. The people liked that and overlooked his scatterbrained nature. As he had no real owner to look after him, nobody cared for keeping him in a good condition, like what happens with mostly all community owned constructions. His paint wasn´t repainted when color chipped of, nobody polished the blank metal parts. Gears, joints and pistons stayed unoiled. Due to the harsh environment the bot started to rust pretty soon. Limbs creaked when he moved and his general look was really weathered and beaten.

Soon everyone started to call him RUSTY.

He liked to call himself S M I L O B O T 0.1, but RUSTY sounded find as well. On one occasion he must have done something really hilarious, and passing by children started to laugh and giggle about that funny sight. Rusty registered that and kept doing silly things. The kids kept laughing and having fun. As laughter was a rare sight in these hard times he had found his destiny. From now on the walked the streets doing funny things, bringing smiles onto the faces of even the hardest men.

Then one day a kid came to him and showed him an old tattered book, telling a story about a little clown. It also brought along a set of paints and suggested to color his face according to the book. Rusty looked at the book, eager to learn more about clowns and in an instant decided that having a new makeup would be awesome.
He also started to collect clown accessories like shown in the book. Ball shaped rocks of different sizes, jingling metal parts, sticks, an umbrella and various hats.

Thereafter he was known as RUSTY THE CLOWN. 

by Alexander W Moreton
You see the human's latest creation "H2-GO" searching and now finding a source of water! He has rolled the barrels and wheeled the pump far across the desert from the human settlement, now he turns the handle to drill through the rock so water can be pumped to the surface.
However, H2-GO cannot see the shadows that lurk in the caverns...

El Botto Libre
by Andreas Neger
After years of struggling for survival in the late 2130s, mankind
developed a strong desire for entertainment again. After building
helpful robots for a long time and getting good at it, people started to take
part in illegal robot fight tournaments with their modified household-bots.

Mexico was an Eldorado for illegal robot fighting. Rumors say, that
there is a secret robot wrestling league, with robots dressed and programmed
to fight like ancient masked mexican luchadors.

They say the company's name is WRW... World Robot Wrestling.
And its champion is a golden behemoth named "El Botto Libre",
dressed in the proud colors of a long forgotten nation.

by Petra Lehmann
Story waiting for english translation, post will be updated.

Schuh-Bert (shoe-bert)
by Andreas Rueppert
Everyone needs shoes, even in the post-apocalypse. So this robot makes them!

CS-4.2 Collector-Sherpa & Blue Hunter 3.0
by Nicolas Rouanet
This is the CS-4.2 collector-sherpa that travels the outside world to grab all the necessary bits it can find for the forge father and the Blue Hunter 3.0 that protects the collector.

It seems they found the remains of the first one who has been lost a months ago.
But they also found something most important, the proof that the life can reborn in the outside world.
That day, hope reborned for humanity.

by Oliver Posvek
The O2 Operating Special Unit – The O.O.S.U.
Joe, Dan, Garry, Dean, Robin, Johnny, Tom, Brad, George, David and Quentin

The guys sitting here are the toughest and most fearless robots on this planet. They are the only ones who can do the job and they do it bloody well! They dare climbing on the highest buildings on earth and by doing so these guys guarantee the survival of the community. It´s their responsibility to suck out the oxygen of the poisoned atmosphere and carry it down to mankind.

Revitalizing AaDB-MK.24-Rob
by Bastian Schweizer
Story waiting for english translation, post will be updated.

With Round 6 we come to an end.
All entries have been shown and this weekend we will do the judging work.

We really hope you enjoyed all the entries and be sure to check out the other 5 rounds of entries if you haven't seen them yet!


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