Forged Hope - Entries - Round 2

by Massive Voodoo

Ladies and Gentleman,

On Monday we showed you the first round of entries of the Forged Hope Program.
You will find these posted galleries of the entries linked up to the event section - click here!

Now let's continue with the second set of entries... each and every single one is really creative and awesome!

by Tim Schi
This is my entry named S.H.E.R.I.F.F.
(Specialized Hunter for Expedite Retrival of Inefficient False-Functions)
He was designed to hunt down malfunctioning robots and returning their data (heads) to the forge father for analysis and improvements.

Small Easter-Egg is the Piqia Mini-Me in the stone on the front.

by Bastian Hemmesmann

B00M-R4G called ‚Boom‘ is a hunting robot.
With his deadly boomerang he is a very successful hunter and helps the mankind to survive.
One day he lost one eye. A wild Animal? His own boomerang? Never ask him!
Now he roams with only one eye through the empty streets.

by Kurt Knittelfelder
RS-001a - Robot Shepherd

There are a lot of different robots in town to help the people surviving.
The Trash-Collector 2000 is cleaning the streets, the Autonomous Elder-Over-The-Street-Helper 2X4 is helping the old people crossing the road and the Town-Guard-Bot III is protecting the town against marauders, giant scorpions and raging two-headed cows.
There are a lot of other helpful robots, who care about the people, but who cares about the animals? Who cares about the goat, the bird, the little mouse and the black cat. Who cares about the snake, the squirrel and the turtle - and who cares about the small tomato??

There is one who cares about all of them - RS001a Robot Shepherd
he is the one who feeds the animals and cares about the small tomato plant because
in a world, that is mostly destroyed and barren, it is very important to care about all inhabitants, also the animals. ... and the small tomato - a glimmer of hope.

The last Impersonator
by Thomas Fröse

After a devastating solar storm killed every living thing on earth, only their buildings and machines remained.
The climate changed and large areas turned into large deserts.
That were perfect surroundings for all the robots that previously served mankind.

Over the ages the remnants of mankind disappeared and the robots lost their purpose in life.

Until one day they found the ruins of a theater buried under tons of sand and gravel - and there they found parts of scripts of gripping stories.
Not much was left to recover, but what they found inspired the machines to reenact the stories as good as they could.
They did not know what they were playing, they had no context neither they knew the whole story, but they did it as dedicated as they could.

So they wandered around and showed their repertoire to any robot they met.

The audience sometimes were many, sometimes only single robots, but that did not bother them.

Their spectators felt that the play-acting touched something deep inside their circuits, so they watched them over and over again...

Gary the Gatherer
by Mark Gaylard

Gary (or Gaz) spends most of his time away from his settlement gathering stuff that he thinks might be useful at home.
Deciding what to bring back requires careful consideration, especially ever the since the time he took home a big bag of sand he had found.
The forge father had yelled at him - 'Sand? You bring back sand!? Have you seen the ground outside!?'.

Gary had tried to explain that this sand was in a bag and therefore different than the stuff on the ground but the forge father told him to try harder. He learned his lesson - get stuff the community doesn't have. The wire he is holding here will probably end up in his cart - he can't remember seeing a wire with three metal things on it in the settlement.

We hope you enjoyed this second round of robots that will surely help our small settlement in their daily struggle! The next round of robots will be shown on Friday, stay tuned!


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