Forged Hope - Prize Pool Update

by Massive Voodoo

2 days left for you Robot-Forgers and -painters outthere.
The Forged Hope Program ends on August, 15th.

The contest is almost over, but there is still one thing we didn't show: the model for the third prize!

The third prize will be a robot painted by Raffaele "Picster" Picca and here it is:


The DAL 12X-HP (Dig a lot 12X High Precision) has one of the most thankless tasks imaginable: iron mining.

After some scout bot found the old iron mines not far away of the settlement someone had to go there and get all this precious iron ore to make more steel for the robot creation.

The mines are really old, long before the end of the world.
Toxic oxides float around the air. Everything is covered in iron oxide, rusting away. Every day in the mines is a dangerous one as the walls are about to collapse.

Many cool entries already made it to us and we are eagerly awaiting more! Do your best!


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