Candice - 16 mm

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle Painters,

this is a great sculpt by Steve Party, but he is a true madman as she is really tiny, 16 mm at all.
Original photos of sculpt of Candice can be found here via Skiv:

Had a lot of fun painting her, but also had some downtimes, as the sculpt is so small and delicate that my eyes did hurt while painting. I hope you like her!

28 mm (16 mm in height), 
sculpted by Steve Party

More photos via Putty&Paint or CMON.

Many jungle painters asked me where to get this model and my answer always was: I am not sure if she is still available. As far as I know Steve made just a small number of casts and was sold out pretty quick two years ago. Sorry for the bad news!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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