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by Roman aka jar

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Aloa to another Tutorial.
This will be a short one as the answers are very obvious.

I got asked if I would write an article about the topic on how to perfectly bring light to your workbench. I thought yes but I have not much to tell.

There are many lamps out there and I could make this a techniqual and science report, but I am not really good in such matters. I am more the type of what you see is what you get. So let me explain why the answer to this questions is as easy as it is. I have become a big fan of my Tri Tube Pro Lamp I now own since some months and can not imagine painting without.

I was used to work with 3 lamps by Ikea with daylamp bulbs but somehow it felt after getting older that my eyes need some more light power. Battlefield-Berlin offered a solution as they have a very cool perfect Hobby Lamp. I got to say that lamp isn't cheap - in fact all my 3 Ikea Lamps cost the same together, but there is a difference after assembling it to my workspace- here you can see my usual light I was used to work with on my old workspace:

The light is ok, but far from good. So I checked back to Battlefield-Berlin to recieve my Tri Tube Pro Lamp. If you are a hobby person you should now spending the amount of money on this lamp is not wasted at all. It is a Monster in quality and an awesome solution to work with. It comes in a big box that already keeps it promises when open it up. No Macgyvering for the perfect light. Just bring the lamp in place and your days will be bright during painting, wherever you are ...

Looking at my workbench again with the new lamp you truely see the difference. You get a way better light on a big area of your table as the Tri Tube Pro has a lot of power.

without ...
with ...

Since the day I first time switched on the lamp I am not really using my Ikea Lamps at all. This lamp really keeps your eyes focused and your table shining bright. I for my part can only tell you that this lamp changed my working. Sure I could tell you about other options and how you can maybe reach this light with many other lamps but why should I if there is one answer to the question. Believe me you will enjoy this lamp in all its aspects. Light power, construction and material quality and in the end it truely looks professional. I just can tell you I see this lamp more and more often during painting classes and painters meetings and I think this is just great - so if you got the chance, grab yours and make your workspace a corner of eternal light.

I will for sure bring some techniqual aspects of the Tri Tube Pro:

- the lamp head is about 60 cm and perfect for lighten up bigger areas with the same strong light
- it is filled with 3 Tubes of daylight bulbs, each one has 15 Watt
- you get a shadow free light without the lamp heating up and dyring your paints or burning your skin
- it is ergonomicly constructed to make it easy to apply to your table

You don't know where to get them? I heard rumors too that they are not easy to get as they mostly are sold out immediatly BUT I got mail that Battlefield-Berlin just recieved a stock up - so hurry!

I am not only able to show you my old workbench with the lamp at use. I am truely happy that the Tri Tube is in our news studio too! Remember not to look inside the light during painting, you might be blinded for some minutes - true story, bro!


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