British LRDG 1942 North Africa, Brekk and Magic balls

by Roman aka jar

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Andalleee, Arrriiibbbaaa ...

Nothing fency but finished and I am happy how the bust of the British LRDG 1942 North Africa turned out in the end. A little bit sandy in its colours but a tiny glow of the cigarette brings colour back on track.

Done with  Forged Monkey's Dayglow colour. Bust comes from Young Miniatures and somehow reminded me of one of my good friends from the inner power the character shows :)

British LRDG 1942 North Africa
Young Miniatures, 1:10

Hope you like him! What else do I have ready to show ... ah yes ... At our BÄM-Workshop I also painted a Brekk bust by Forged Monkey for explanation. Don't mind the freehand - that is indeed very, very strange :D - I just checked and some areas I did not finish up, like the earring, but for a bust painted for explanation of different materials and intense light and shadow school, painted during one weekend it is ok and I have no time to paint those buttons now!!! Damn, shouldn't have painted this stupid freehand :D

Brekk, the Lion
Forged Monkey, 1:10

Another thing is an old project that someday will be finished - you might remember it from this and this video log. A big project with tons of Red Box Games figures. I got to make a photo again as Tre was in need of a character photo of the magician ... hope this is the right one! My head explodes from things on my to do list :D

So far, keep on happy painting out of the force field!
Best Wishes


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