Kong's WIP thoughts - July #01

by Roman aka jar

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Time again for my WIP thoughts ... it has been a while since I felt to write them.

To me the last months is a blurry past with way too many WIPs and no courage to get things cooking.
Today's bicycle ride brought me to the Studio and I entered the yellow magic banana door without plans on what to work next. Sure I got many projects running and I am aware of that but today made me feel that this ain't a problem for the future days. The room made the decisions and brought up mad plans to the schedule for this years miniature events. I will prepare myself for the german Games Day and try to enter with some entries and also I want to finish one truely big project I got in my kitchen for this years Monte San Savino Show. The studio has its own magic like I told you. Working, creating and painting without a computer close to me really frees my mind and keeps me focused on getting things done as there is no other option behind the magic yellow banana door. Just me and time. Plain awesome this day was!

... but in the end  I took a ride on my bike home and could have stayed there the whole night.
Let me tell you about the first day with way too much time :D

The last week I was pretty nervous about moving and was not really able to paint much. So there is just little progress on my version of Wonderlands Project's "Sergent Corwinn". Sadly I was not able to get hold of a good photo today while I took one of the bust in the cabinet. They are pretty stupid to judge or look at the painting so far but in the end I like their mood ... sometimes I feel like a gorilla with a camera :D

As far as I understood I had some ISO problems with the light situation but I did not had the time to invest more time in my errors as I had to go - my lady was waiting for dinner with me that I hunted during the way back home. Sorry for the bad photos, better ones are for sure up in the jungle someday soon.

Neverthless, I think what is really important to mention is that Wonderlands Project got the bust back in stock as the first charge was sold out pretty quick.  

I started to work on the base of "Orc vs. Dwarf" and enjoyed this pretty much to achieve a nice overall composition. There is still a little bit of work to do until I can concentrate on the painting of the figures, the base and resculpt this broken tooth on the Orc. As said, last week was mainly filled with nothing.

Easy on the start ...

Position check ... 
Pretty easy when it comes to a duel, 1:1 :D
Next step was filling up the base with common earth to get a natural effect.

Check the article about it if you are interested:

Using common earth instead of sand creates a more realistic effect.

Up on my list for tomorrow is creating some more composition candy with more detailed ... mmh, let me say "War garbage" on the base and finalizing the figures positions with pinning them. I will for sure paint them without the base and fix them later but I got to have a plan if I want to step forward with this project.

I carried this book, which is one of my favourites in my backbag on my bike. 
Just wanted to have it in the studio and it is so damn heavy
 but it makes a good photo background :D

What else have I done?
Some minor work in the studio. Cleaning up Gandalf, at least starting to do so. Shooting my WIP area in the studio's cabinet as I only got WIPs with me at place. What a beautiful day this was. Can't wait for tomorrow, but I have to wait until a very important UPS delivery took place. And as you never know when the UPS guy arrives I have to stay home first :(

Kong's WIP Thoughts out!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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