Mu 22 - Infamy Miniatures, Henrietta Jekyll

by Roman aka jar

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Time for another Miniatures Unpacked.
Find those from the past behind this link!

This time I am up to unpack Henrietta Jekyll from Infamy Minatures in 32 mm, sculpted by very talented Sebastian Archer.

First there is the manufacturer's commentary to the figure - copied and pasted from their homepage:

"Once a respected and famed chemist, Henrietta Jekyll's life changed the day her sister was put into a comatose state. She became obsessed with reviving her and finally brewed a cocktail of elements do do just that, but Hyde came back as a psychotic killer and Jekyll found herself on the run, with the monster she had helped create.
This 32mm scale model has been resin cast to the highest standards in a limited first run of 275, of which 260 are available to buy. It is supplied unconstructed and unpainted
You will recieve:
  • One two part Henrietta Jekyll miniature
  • One 30mm lip edged base
  • A hand numbered first run card, showing the concept art, painted miniature and gang logo.
The model comes in a miniature white craft box packaged with three layers of protective foam."

So far so good - let's have a look inside ...

The box comes in simple unspectucular but nice white
 and unpacking reveals these little secrets:

First, what catches the eye is the card with the colourful promotion version of the model,
 beautiful paintjob done by Stephan Rath.

The model itself was secured by 3 layers of foam and is inside a plastic bag.
 A simple plastic base is also included.

Unpacking the model it is really great to find so much lovely detail on a 32 mm sculpt. Every fan of Steampunk figures will hit a homerun with this figure I would say. Awesome sculpt by Mr. Archer.

When it comes to the cast I would give 5/5 points for the upper area with the glass bottles and face is truely awesome. You find her right arm with a small flame thrower as a single piece to glue it in place and the fitting is also very good. There are some small rests of the resin cast but they are killed easy with the basic tools.

When it comes to the lower part, legs and feet I would give 2/5 points for the cast quality. There are some minor mould lines on her skirt - they ain't the problem but when you go lower on her the great sculpted shoes and lower legs are kind of a mess when it comes to cleaning from mould lines. Maybe I did recieve a Monday cast but down there I am scared of the things I see. For sure with some patience you get it don for sure but those tiny shoes really scare me. 

All in all I would give the figure 4/5 points - a great unique sculpt with a lot of options to paint her. Only the lower area scares me from cleaning but maybe I am just a lazy cleaner ... :D

Hope you enjoyed that little MU 22!

Best Wishes


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