on the move - the diary

by Roman aka jar

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Heyho Jungle Friends,

it is done, at least most of the work and I got to say this!

Raffa and I moved into the new studio and first before anything else will be told there has to be a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Peter and Klaus for helping us moving from the 3rd to the 4th floor. We all now hate stairs, you can believe that, but without their neverending powers we would not have made it at all.

I will write this little diary straight from my heart as this "move" really changes me already. I guess I have to begin way more back in time in a galaxy far, far away ...

When I started back in 2007 to make a living from miniature painting I got used to have my workbench at home, always at home. In our first flat I had a little piece of table, lately I had my own small room in our flat and now I got a big room that I am so much looking forward to share with one of my best friends, my bibab (brother in brain and brushes) and painting comrades, Raffa. This is just so unbelievable, really. But I'll start at the beginning.

I can only write from my point of view as Raffa was too busy and did not take much photos at all. So here we go with my used workbench all of the jungle readers should know by now. It was time to say goodbye as I was packing since Thursday last week.

Time to say goodbye ...

I was really corious on how much I'll miss my two cats 
as they really became a part of my daily work ...
and I was already missing them during packing when they 
played cat mikado with my stuff - ahhhhh!!! :D

Keiko told me that she knew what will happen and that 
she will come with me, no matter what!!

On we went on Friday morning, getting the keys to our new place and renting a car to transport all that stuff. C'mon I never thought Miniature painters could have so much material as we are working with MINIatures!!! - It was just pure horror and one of the hottest days in the year so far. These facts did not make all those stairs easier, but on early morning Raffa was prepared and highly motivated as you can see:

We have been lucky to have Klaus and Peter with us and with their immense help we finished all that carrying and getting the stuff we need until Friday night. WE HATE STAIRS!! Everything was in that room but far from in place. Some impressions ...

After leaving all those stairs behind 
we found ourselves in a magical room with 3 magical doors

The best thing is we have a yellow door now
and yellow is the colour of banananananayeaha!!!!

I went to the place with Peter on Saturday and with my girlfriend on Sunday again to bring some more stuff and forget other stuff at home and then forget other stuff at the studio and so on. I hope this will soon be managed so that I know where the stuff I am searching for is ..,

After all today I was at the new studio on my own as Raffa is on vacation. I told you in the start that I feel a change from within myself - for sure this is also because I hit my bycicle to get there, honestly I did not have much body moving in the last years when working from home ... but I also feel a change with that room. That room has magic. There is no computer, no Internet, just me and the things I am up to do. I feel this change at home too as home feels more like home now by knowing your work seperated from private life. It is really an awesome feeling, kind of rebirth and today I finished up all that stuff that had to be done in the room for now and tomorrow I will be at my brushes for 8 hours of painting. Can't wait to do so and I can't wait to have Raffa back - until then I will make this room even more home of the apes, maybe paint a little canvas here and a little canvas there or even just paint on the walls, who knows what the magic yellow door will do to me tomorrow ...

Room is ready for work!

Still some WTF?-places around ...

... but in the end we are now kind of sorted and organised,
but still have to do some final works on Raffa's return.
Hah! My sister is on that photo :)

We even got coffee there ...

... and I guess too much lamps ...

too much primer, mainly because of the painting classes ...

too much material for sure!

But all in all I am really happy on how the room turned out 
after todays work and I am looking forward to paint tomorrow ...

A look through the window this rainy afternoon ...

The place we are at used to be an old US barrack but now it is a big place
for subcultures, clubs and musicians ...

Ough! Diary out!
Hope you like it!

Best Wishes


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