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by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter aka Baphomet

Hi there,

there has been a long time without a word from my side, but I was completly busy with my job and getting used to this "new" environment here in Reutlingen. I´m here since February but it still does not feel like home, it rather feels like as f I would doing a internship in another country and returning home (to Augsburg) soon... very very strange, but it shows me how important the city and all the people there are to me.

But life starts here in Reutlingen, too. I´m feeling better week by week, meeting new friends and slowly arranging with the situation. It´s a very interesting experience and I think it will help me to "grow"... I even recognize some positive changes in my behaviour... I feel more in balance with myself?

Painting became a very important thing in my daily life. I try to paint as much as possible if there is nothing to do for work anymore or if I´m not falling asleep on the sofa as soon as I come home. The progress´ in my skills is stunning me. I´m learning so much in theses days and for this I have to thank a person who also became a good friend here: Andreas aka Feanor

So there is some stuff to show ;)

The Norman Knight by Young Miniatures is a beautiful piece to work with. At the beginning it was hard to get the right flow in painting him, but now I see so many things I still want to do better...  still WiP, but on the best way to become one of my best miniatures :)

A very large project is the Roman Decurio Equitum (75mm) by Pegaso. I got this miniature as a present from my parents a year ago... they just said: "Here boy, now you have something to paint for the next two weeks." Not funny! ;) I finally started with the Decurio some weeks ago, but there there  has not happened a lot... just painting the basic colours, but as soon as the Norman Knight is finished I will focus on him...

My last WiP is a special one: Raffa´s new Samurai / Ronin. It´s so much fun to paint him. Just painted some hours during Romans workshop in Ludwigsburg last weekend, but much fun ahead with it ;) Raffa will soon sell him in his shop Forged Monkey. Stay tuned for it!

And at last two quick shots of my cabinet:

Read ya all soon :)

Best wishes,

P.S.: some of you recognize the Ghoul-Bust on the last pictures. It´s already finished, but I failed to take good pictures of it today... I will post them soon!


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