Last Resort and my RAB3 entry

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

Hey readers,

I show you a diorama I created some months ago, Its called "Last Resort", I wanted to create a scene with some kind of steampunk, endtime, psychotic feeling. It was a really long time of building and especially painting and creating the water effects. The most of these water technique is copied from Roman, thanks for share your secret, that helped me a lot. 
Also I tried to create a diorama with many different little stories in it. Like the fish jumping back to freedom, the dog, that escaped from his cage and tries to steal a fish now. The fishing rod that captured a gear-wheel.. or Rose, standing in a dark corner on the back side. 

Some of you might saw it, on some expos I visited the last year and finally I managed to make pictures of it. Feedback is welcome, I hope you like it :)

And another figure from me, it was my entry for the Russian Battle 3 Painting Competition. It wasn't enough to win a prize, it was a hard competiton with many good entries, and not easy to win vs. Yellow_one and this crazy Jarhead... No, I am joking.. Congrats to the winners, they all deserved it. And thanks to the jury and the makers of the event ;) 

This is not my usally kind of figure I like to paint, but I had fun, creating a dramatic barbarian scene, full of blood, dirt and hate..:D

And don't forget I am still interested in sell some of my figures, if you interested please contact me.
Thanks for answers here, and on cmon, too:)

Best regards Oli


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