For the record ...

by Roman aka jar

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Raffa is home again and we are heading out for the studio in a couple of minutes - first time together :)

I know it is nothing special for most of the daily working people outthere, but for us it is truely an inspiring step into the future as the whole world seems to change with the studio. First I thought that I want a computer there to sometimes write emails. After the last week I know I don't want to :D

The Sockelmacher was visiting me on the weekend with his family and we really had a wonderful day in our hometown - an additional spontanous guest arrived on Friday too, Andi from Graz and we really enjoyed the Friday night ...

As both will not come together in the future in our studio the easy way we had to take a posing photo on the couch :D

Ok, now I am off and on the road to painting heaven :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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