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In a dark grim night,
the Strongholds of the North Guard burned,
Screams and death everywhere.
No place to hide from a primitive axe.


Why I named this 'Primitivo!' is not hard to explain.
Sometimes I like to drink a glass of red wine and there is one special grape sort that I like most.
The vine is called Primitivo and I felt it fits very well to one of my latest finished figures.

I have done the figure for the Russian Alternative Contest and really enjoyed creating the little scene. I will have an article about "masterclass snow" ready soon, done during this and some other projects. This will be the 3rd artcile about snow and I think this topic is done then :D

The base was build from parts of Forged Monkey's upcoming release - pssttt!! - and a lot of scratchbuild. In fact I am little bit dissapointed in spending so much time on the base as in the end I learned from a judge's commentary in a forum that all basing won't count in the judging to keep it fair. I am ok with that, would loved to know that before - I just knew that a 5x5 cm base is allowed and that is exactly what I did. Next time knowing this before the work is done would surely help a lot of people spending too much time on a base, if only the Russian Alternative Figure will be judged. As there were are so many great entries I could cry for those cool bases not to be in the contest.

Russian Alternative, 28 mm

Sadly Raffa and I did forget to take a photo through the door. We did on the first photo session but all those where way to bright as we had problems with the snow to take good shots of. Now on the second go we just failed and forgot about it :D

The vase you can find in the upper area are from Pardulon.
The table consists of a coin from "The Witcher 2 - Special Edition" as far as I can remember.

Hope you like it?
Let me know what you think or just say "Banana Forever!" :D

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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