Kong's WIP thoughts - July #07

by Roman aka jar

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Heyho Jungle visitors,

deep down low in the deep green forest of Monsoon Valley the monkeys are working and working. Being at the workshop means somehow losing time for the world wide web, like blogging, forums and strange youtube quests, etc. - that ain't that bad at all as the workflow is truely epic at the workshop, but we got way too much to do. So it is still our task to find true and harmonic balance between being at the studio and time spent in front of the computer screen. This won't be easy as working towards different goals, comissions and ideas keep Raffa and me ultrabusy.

We had a little painters meeting last week on Friday and for the fun we had some cheap plastic guns shooting plastic darts. In fact it is not only hard to find the balance between working at the studio/home - it is also hard to grow old :D

Duck and cover - I now just bomb you with impressions of the last days in the studio ... and as it looks like some projects of Raffa and me are growing ready for the upcoming Games Day in Germany - at least this is good news, even we might paint until the last second because there is so much work still left to do :)

True Story:
One day ... our Mr. Cash poster fell down while we were away ... we were lacking powers during painting because Johnny was not right behind us. This is truely strange but in the end we accepted that this poster has to be in place while we work as it just blows your mind free from thoughts and fear of errors while painting :)

... but maybe we just should paint more instead of having too much fun :)

By the way - when it comes to painting time - Raffa and I will be painting at the local store "Create and Play" in Augsburg at the 4th of August ... check in for a little chat about painting and smell the full dosis of our painting spirit shortly before the Games Day :D

Also at this day Peter is painting at a local store in Ludwigsburg, the Fantasy Stronghold. Check in for some painting voodoo and a nice chat about colours and figures.

So far, keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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