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by Roman aka jar

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Olá Olá Jungle Friends!

This time I just want to show you something I found really interesting. As I used to try to start a Chaos Army way back in the past I am always fascinated by the strange forces of Chaos. For all of you loving Chaos Models like I do I found something great over at Red Box Games. 

The Gynnade Krigare, a set from which you can build up really cool models optional. That is truely revolutionary and the best is they come in the perfect quality of RBG ... Tre is just a genius!!

I got some shots for you too so you can see what I am talking about ... enjoy - I think you quickly can see how cool those dynamic sculpts are:

You can get Sets of them with weaponry and heads over at Red Box Games.
What I also liked a lot was that Hero and the massive Wolf!

 I just saw that Tre is having some picture problems on the second page.
I will tell him that asap.

Hope you can see what I mean and why this will bring the Chaos gods to cheer!


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