Kong's WIP Thoughts - July #5

by Roman aka jar

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 Aloa - he - he - hoi!

After the weekends painting class still rings my inner bells I am up to talk about some WIP again. 
A review on this cool weekend we had will soon drop down to the jungle canopy on a yellow parachute ... beware and stay tuned!

Last week I was also preparing my own class miniature where I showed different techniques of painting and used it for demonstration during the weekends class. I choose a well known Enigma figure as I really loved to see him painted from different artists. Sadly something strange happened with my sculpt and I realized it not in time before the class. The figure comes with different parts and my options did not allow me to build him up in a casual way. He only had left hands and the one holding the sword was in the box but mirrored (???) ... really, never something so strange appeared to me. Whatever I try to make him something special sexy and try to sculpt a hand. Hands are for sure not easy I know that and I prepared the big fist of him with just a blurb of putty to have a basic that is fixed to sculpt the rest on top. Sadly I had no time to finish it before or during the class and just started painting him. I now someday have to sculpt this evil hand or I will put build up a tree and hide his hand behind leaves :D

I did start his base last week and planned to create a fast base as time was running short. So I grabbed a bunch of PK-Pro's 2 mm cork plate and ripped like a monster. Superglue did the rest. Interested in basing with cork - check the following article:

Cork is a great material and here you can see how you can use it.

During the class I have added some roots and common earth to this quick base concept and started painting it. Furthermore on the workbench you'll find madness pure. 

Let's start with a little WTF?-Teaser ...

Banana! :D


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