Inspirational tiger uppercut, part 1

by Roman aka jar

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Cleaning up my inspirational links again, leads to the following collection that might bring some inspiration to you too. Beware of the second part ... just a sum up of links that I thought of sharing with you, the dear jungle visitor ...


Contest - MAOW Miniatures - "Dress a Kitty", sculpting contest

Tutorial - How to paint your own Rembrandt
Step by Step - William Wallace by Ernesto Reyes
Colour Theory - Libertat Hundertpfund and the Origins of the Modern palette
Tutorial - Painting Aliens with Casey Love
Tutorial - Painting Mum's how to paint wood

New Game Forces available!

Figures - Wolsey by Hasslefree
Figures - Baba Yaga, Diorama of the Day
FIGONE is back!!!
Famous Painter's Palettes, 1863-1919

Interview - in Bed with Julien Casses, part 1
Interview - in Bed with Julien Casses, part 2


Ali Farka Toure - Savane
Fatoumata Diawara - Sowa
Evidence - Chase the Clouds away


Video - Ahh, Supermutant!
Video - Lydia, NO!  
Street Art - Roach Spray Advertisment
Pics - The Soviet Hobbit  
Lego Tropical Island 
Red Riding Hood 
Hannibal for Kind - true bar master

... to be continued ...


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