Kong's WIP Thoughts - July #04

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Not much to tell ... or to be honest not a lot of time to tell much :D

The Jungle is pretty busy these days as we are getting comfortable in the studio, preparing for a painting class at the upcoming weekend and organising way too much stuff. I ask to a bit more patience if you are waiting for an email to return to you as I am not home that much, so I just can write emails at night or in the morning time - I can't tell you how this feels like holiday for me as I don't think about my mails when at the studio - it is just painting and working action there :D

I made some photos during the last days in the studio and I just share them with you here. Just impressions. Projects grow and time passes by to a coffee while looking outside the window and realizing that we are at this place and we have the possibility to enjoy it ...


Keep on happy painting all around the globe!


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